Lake tour

Travel name

Lake tour

Travel day

4nights/ 5days


Covering distance: 1810km

Tour price including:  Transport, tourist camp , meals, attraction tickets

Day 1

  • Travel places:  UB-Darkhan/226 Km/-Erdenet/ 80 km/-Bulgan/ 60 km/-Unit / 80 km/
  • Darkhan city:700meters above sea level, encompassing territory of 327.5 thousand hectars. Visit to the MorinKhuur complex (Horse Headed Fiddle), and the hill with Buddha Statue.
  • Erdenet City: 1200m above sea level , 84.4 thousand hectares of territory. There are 87837 habitants. Infrastructure is well developed.
  • Uran Togoo mountain: 1686 metres above sea level, crater of volcano on top of mountain, which is 500-600 meters wide and 50-60 meters deep. That volcano is dormant in Bulgan province.

Day 3

Travel places:   Khövsgöl nuurlake

Voyage on Sukhbaatar ship: Since 1985 this ship has traveled on Khövsgöl nuur lake, which is 41 metres long, 11 meters wide, except main engine it has two diesel generators, 60 tonnes of fuel storage and 6 tonnes of load capacity. 

Day 4

Travel places:   Erdenet city /350 km/ - Amarbayasgalant Monastery/50 km /

Amarbayasgalant Monastery: For Respect the Mongolian first Bogd High Saint Zanabazarand his works, talent and scientific wisdoms emperorEnkh Amgalan of Qing Dynasty ordered a tell to build the monastery for him in Mongolian terrain. It was under construction in 1721 between 1887