Tour of Khentii

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Tour of Khentii

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4 nights/ 5 days


Covering Distance1600 кm

Tour price including:   Transport, tourist camp , meals, attractions fee

Day 4

Travel Places:   Öndörkhaan-Khödöö aral

Öndörkhaan cityThis city has almost 19,000 habitants, locate in side of Kherlen river.Öndörkhaan is second coldest city in Mongolia.

Khödöö aral: This is hearth place of Mongolian Empire, where Mongolian generation of Great Khaansacceded to the throne, Ikh Khuraldai assembly convene a state affairs were discussed, the place was Mongolian ancient capital city and holy place for Great Khaans.

Day 1

  • Travel places:  Elsentasarkhai Sand dune – Kharakhorum city- ErdenezuuKhiid monastery
  • Elsentasarkhai sand dune:This sand dune starts from the west of Mountain Batkhaan toward to the west of Khögnö Khan Mountain, about 80km long. Elsen tasarkhai is located acrossover in area of  Erdenesant town of Töv province, Gurvanbulag town of Bulgan province, Burd town of Övörkhangai province.
  • Högnö Khan Mountain: There are 4 great mountains that Mongolians have worshiped since long ago. (NagalKhan, BogdKhan, Batkhan, HögnöKhan). HögnöKhan mountain is one of these great mountains, there are  historical and cultural heritages carved on its rocks.
  • Kharakhorum: In 1220, Chinggis Khaan found  Kharakhorum city, his successor Ögödei Khaan became it capital city. KhubilaiKhaan developed Kharakhorum in his time.
  • Erdenezuukhiid Monastery:The most ancient monastery in Mongolia. The monastery is surrounded by 102 little Buddhist stupas,  In 1585, Erdenezuu Monastery was built on the base an ancient city Takhai.

Day 2

  • Travel places:   Tövkhön Khiid--TsenkheriinKhaluunRashan Hot Spring – Taikhar Rock
  • Tövkhön Khiid: One of the ancientbuddhist monasteries in Mongolia. High Saint Zanabazar when he was 14 years old pleased landscape of Shireet Ulaan Mountain, 2600 meters above sea level,  surrounded by forest, where he built the temple of meditation. Now this temple known asTövkhön KhiidМонголын
  • Tsenkheriin Khaluun Rashan Hot Spring:  One of the hot springs in Mongolia , it springs 86,5 degree of celcius extremely hot, 10 litres in 1 second.
  • Taikhar Rock: This rock is 22 km far fromTsetserleg city, located in the end of  river Tamir. On Taikhar Rock there are about 150 inscriptions written many ethnic languages, including Tureg,Uyghur, Mongolian , Tibetan, Manchu Qing, and Chinese

Day 3

  • Travel places:  ChuluutynGol river – Khorgyntogoo crater – Terkhintsagannuur lake
  • Chuluutyn gol river :  10750 km2water catchment area, 80 meters wide, depth of 3meters, water flow speed of 2 meters per second.
  • Khorgyn togoo crater:Khorgyn togoo is a dormant volcano located in Tariat town od Arkhangai province. 2240 meters above sea level. slope of crater is aboute 50 degrees, depth of 100 meters, and circuit length of  about 300 meters.
  • Terkhin Tsagaan Nuur Lake:The Lake is located next to crater Khorgo, it has fresh water.This lake originatedcause of lava of Khorgo volcano, which is blocked water flows of the north and south Terkhiin gol river.