Gobi Tour

Travel name

Gobi Tour

Travel day

4 nights/ 5 days


Tour covering distance1889 km

Tour price including:   Transport, tourist camp , meals, attraction tickets

Day 1

Day 2

  • Travel places:  Gurvan Saikhan Uul Mountain- Yolyn Am
  • Yolyn Am:  2800 meters above sea level, this national park is emcompassing an area of 64 km2.This place named Yolyn Am(Gorge of Bearded Vulture) because there live those birds.
  • Dungeneegyn Khavtsal:This rock gorge is a part ofYolyn Am gorge. DungeenKhavtsal is 10 km long , tall rocky gorges, and narrowed than Yolyn Am gorge.

Day 3

  • Travel places:  Khongoryn Els
  • Khongoryn Els:  This sand dune is about 130 km long from northwest toward to the south, 3-5 km in some places 20km wide. It is Mongolian widest sand dune, in some area height of it 195 meters .

Day 4

  • Travel places:  Bayan Zag cliffs- Ulaan Ereg- Ongiin Khiid monastery
  • Bayan Zag: This landscape is known as Flammig Cliffs, 8km long from south toward the north, 5km wideр, height of cliffs is 20-50 meters.
  • Ulaan Ereg:Known as the first Dinosaurs egg found from this place. This Cliffs look bright orange therefore it named Red Cliffs.
  • Ongyn Khiid Monastery: This Monastery built between 1760-1810. Before at the time there were 28 temples and about 1000 monks were a disciple at this monastery

Day 5

  • Travel places:  Ulaanbaatar city
  • Tour ends when return to Ulaanbaatar city