Khangai-Lake Tour

Travel name

Khangai-Lake Tour

Travel day

5 nights/ 6 days


Tour covering distance~2371 km

Tour price including:   Transport, tourist camp , meals, attraction tickets

Day 4

  • Travel places:  Galt town – Mörön city- Khövsgöl nuur lake 
  • Galt town:Emcopassing an area of 3600km2 , 5328 habitants. in 1959 this town reestablished with name Galt.
  • MörönCity: 102,9 км² of territory, in west-south of the city flows river DelgerMörön. There are hospital, museum, theater, post office, schools, kindergartens in Moron city
  • Voyage on Sukhbaatar ship:Since 1985 this ship has traveled on Khövsgöl nuur lake, which is 41 metres long, 11 meters wide, except main engine it has two diesel generators, 60 tonnes of fuel storageand 6 tonnes of load capacity.

Day 5

  • Travel places:  Darkhan city –Erdenet city
  • Darkhan city:700m above sea level and encompassing territory of 327.5 thousand hectars. Visit to the MorinKhuur complex (Horse Headed Fiddle), the hill with Buddha Statue.
  • Erdenet city:1200m above sea level , 84.4 thousand hectares of territory. There are 87837 habitants. Infrastructure is well developed. In 1978, this city established in the place named “ErdenetinOvoo” according to bilateral agreement of two governments. There is a copper producing industry, which produce  copper ore of 26 million tons, copper concentrate of 530 thousand tons, copper molybdenum of 4.5 thousand tons per year.

Day 6

  • Travel places:   Ulaanbaatar
  • Tour ends when return to Ulaanbaatar city