Gobi-Khangai tour

Travel name

Gobi-Khangai tour

Travel day

5 night 6 days


Tour covering distance1859km

Tour Price including:   Transport, tourist camp , meals, attraction tickets

Day 1

Travel places:  Zorgol khairkhan mountain – Baga gazriin khairkhan - Sarankhökhöö opera house

Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain:The Mountain is 150 far from Ulaanbaatar city. It has 3 caves different sizes. Height of ZorgolKhairkhan is 1668 meters.

Baga gazriin chuluu: 1768 meters above sea level. This place is kind of sacrificial gorge, there are about 700 graves, petroglyphs. Around rocky mountain landscapes, surrounded by steppe land.

Sarankhökhöö opera house :  This theater is 23 meters long, 16 meters wide, it  has 3 staged scene. in 1831 Danzanravgaa built this theater for SaranKhokhoo novel to present in his hometown.

Day 2

Travel places:   Dalanzadgad town –Yolyn Am – DungeenKhavtsal gorge – Khongorynels sand dune

Dalanzadgad town:Dalanzadgad town there are 19396 habitants, territory of 476 km2. 1470 meters above sea level.

Yolyn Am: 2800 meters above sea level, this national park is emcompassing an area of 64 km2. This place named Yolyn Am(Gorge of Bearded Vulture) because there live those birds

Dungeneegyn Khavtsal:This rock gorge is a part ofYolyn Am gorge. DungeenKhavtsal is 10 km long , tall rocky gorges, and narrowed than Yolyn Am gorge.

Khongoryn Els:  This sand dune is about 130 km long from northwest toward to the south, 3-5 km in some places 20km wide. It is Mongolian widest sand dune, in some area height of it 195 meters .

Day 3

Travel places:   OngiinKhiid Monastery -Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall -Tövkhön Khiid-Tsenkheriin Khaluun Rashan Hot Spring

Ongyn Khiid Monastery: This Monastery built between 1760-1810. Before at the time there were 28 temples and about 1000 monks were a disciple at this monastery

Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall: This waterfall originate from river Ulaan gol, which pour into Orkhon river. It is located in 135 km the south of Kharkhorum ancient city.

Tövkhön Khiid: One of the ancientbuddhist monasteries in Mongolia. High Saint Zanabazar when he was 14 years old return from Tibet, he pleased landscape of Shireet Ulaan Mountain, 2600 meters above sea level,  surrounded by forest, where he built the temple of meditation. Now this temple known asTövkhön Khiid

Tsenkheriin Khaluun Rashan Hot Spring:  One of the hot springs in Mongolia , it springs 86,5 degree of celcius extremely hot, 10 litres in 1 second.

Day 4

Travel places:  Tsetserleg city – Taikhar chuluu rock- Terkhiin tsagaan nuur Lake

Tsetserleg city:1695 meters above sea level , there live 20338 people. it has territory of 536 km2 .

Taikhar Rock: This rock is 22 km far fromTsetserleg city, located in the end of  river Tamir. On Taikhar Rock there are about 150 inscriptions written many ethnic languages, including Tureg,Uyghur, Mongolian , Tibetan, Manchu Qing, and Chinese

Terkhin Tsagaan Nuur Lake:The Lake is located next to crater Khorgo, it has fresh water.This lake originatedcause of lava of Khorgo volcano, which is blocked water flows of the north and south Terkhiin gol river

Day 5

Travel places:  Kharakhorum-Erdenezuukhiid Monastery-Elsentasarkhai sand dune

Kharakhorum: In 1220, Chinggis Khaan found  Kharakhorum city, his successor Ögödei Khaan became it capital city. KhubilaiKhaan developed Kharakhorum in his time.

Erdenezuu khiid Monastery:The most ancient monastery in Mongolia. The monastery is surrounded by 102 little Buddhist stupas,  In 1585, Erdenezuu Monastery was built on the base an ancient city Takhai.

Elsen tasarkhai sand dune:This sand dune starts from the west of Mountain Batkhaan toward to the west of Khögnö Khan Mountain, about 80km long. Elsen tasarkhai is located acrossover in area of  Erdenesant town of Töv province, Gurvanbulag town of Bulgan province, Burd town of Övörkhangai province.

Day 6

Travel places:  Ulaanbaatar city

Tour ends when return to Ulaanbaatar city